We are the World Jazz Network, an international organization focused on increasing global mobility for World Jazz artists and organizations. Although it may seem complex, we have implemented several successful initiatives to achieve our mission. One of such initiative is our International Laureate Festival, which is essentially an elaborate exchange program for international talent, curated by some of the most renowned festivals, venues and institutions worldwide such as Sicilia Jazz Festival, Amersfoort World Jazz Festival, Szczecin Jazz Festival and many more.

Another highly valued initiative is the annual World Jazz Conference, which brings professionals from various events and global organizations together to exchange ideas, experiences and, of course, music. While this annual assembly has been a longstanding tradition as part of Amersfoort World Jazz Festival in The Netherlands, our partners frequently cross paths elsewhere in the world, often while representing their laureates abroad.

Latest News

Laureate Festival 2024 line-up revealed!

Get ready for an incredible showcase of super talents at this year’s Sena Performers International Jazz Laureate Festival! The Laureate Festival showcases World Jazz artists and bands from all over the world in full-fledged concerts, kickstarting their international career. This year’s line-up features outstanding artists from the Czech Republic, Sicily, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, South … Laureate Festival 2024 line-up revealed! Read More »...