Program World Jazz Conference 2021

Friday October 22nd 2021

(all times are Central European Summer Time (CEST))

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13:0013:05Welcome by Michel Peek (JazzNL) and Alexander Beets (JazzNL)
13:0513:10Inviting Andre le Roux (IKS Consultancy) and ask how things are going
13:1013:15Start video recap last year 
13:1513:25Introducing Gwen Ansell (researcher) interview by André le Roux
13:2513:45(how) did we survive? By Alexander Beets , Michel Peek | Intro and Reflect by Paul Pace (Ronnie Scott’s), Adam Simmons (The Usefulness of Art), Gail Boyd (G B Artist Management),  André le Roux (IKS), Mantwa Chinoamadi (SB Joy of Jazz)
13:4513:50Questions from the audience
13:5014:00Music break
14:0014:10Anita Verheggen about support instruments in the Netherlands
14:1014:20Fleurine Verloop (BIM) (EU labour union survey and initiative) and Ellister van der Molen (JazzNL) (jazz musician)
14:2014:30Questions from the audience
14:3014:35Music break
Importance of international media. Jazz promotion in the post covid times
14:3514:40Introducing the topic by Arlette Hovinga (co-host, That Jazz Girl)
14:4014:45Introducing Raul da Gama (freelance journalist), Matt Fripp (JazzFuel), Allen Morrison (freelance Journalist)
14:4514:55Importance of media for international mobility
14:5515:00Questions from the audience
15:0015:10Music break
Festivals and Venues – how’s it going? 
15:1015:20Introducing the topic by Alexander Beets (host) interview Georgina Javor (JALC)
15:2015:35Quick round for Mahesh Babu (Banyantree events), Koh Mr. Saxman (Huahin Jazz Festival), Fabio Lannino (Fondazione The Brass Group), Roman Khristyuk (Igor Butman Music Group), Adam Simmons (TUOA), Georgina Javor ( (Jazz at Lincoln Center), Mantwa Chinoamadi (SB Joy of Jazz) Ania Giniewska (Scszechin Jazz).
15:3515:45The near future? Festival, international mobility, collaborations
15:4515:50Questions from the audience
15:5016:00Recap by Michel Peek