Become a partner

Are you interested in joining the World Jazz Network? Great! We’d love to have a chat with you to discuss any opportunities for the future via this email address.  But, before we do, let’s talk about the following guidelines for membership:


Each partner and their ‘exceptional endorsed talents’ of choice gets invited to the International Jazz Laureates Festival. JazzNL will host their visit and finance local travel and accommodation for both professional delegates as well as the endorsed talents.
Exceptional endorsed talents will receive a sum of 350,- EUR per person on the basis of one performance over the course of the festival.
In turn, partnering delegates are expected to invite at least one other endorsed talent or AJF festival act to their respective festival or club over the course of the next year, on the same terms.


One of the main objectives of the World Jazz Network is to expand our audiences and build bridges across the global community. We are an open network, deeply rooted in the spirit of anticipation and collaboration, and with a strong belief in open communication. That means that our guidelines and activities are transparent and accessible and that we promote the Network and our partners on several platforms.
Embracing both transparency and reciprocity, we encourage our partners to do the same: sharing relevant WJN content on their platforms and with their audiences to help us grow our community together, online, and in the real world.


World Jazz Network partners are free to nominate whichever Laureates they think have what it takes to start performing in front of audiences worldwide. We trust each other’s decisions and, within the Network, rely on each other for mutual promotion and support. In order to achieve our goals together, however, each partner needs to -as unromantic as that sounds- pull their own weight in their partner country. That means that each partner represents at least one venue, festival, or organization that is able to accommodate international Laureates at least once a year.

World Jazz Network is a JazzNL initiative.

Michel Peek, Chairman
Anita Verheggen, Secretary
Sven Rozier, Treasurer
Alexander Beets, board member
Ellister van de Molen, board member