What we do

World Jazz Network is a partnership between venues, festivals and other tastemakers in the global jazz industry that aims to build bridges between audiences worldwide. We are organisers, promoters, doers, musicians, and most of all: music lovers. Every year, we meet at the World Jazz Conference, initiated by JazzNL and hosted by Amersfoort World Jazz Festival in The Netherlands. At what is often referred to by participants as “A musician’s paradise”, we welcome jazz enthusiasts, musicians, and professionals from all over the world alongside our partners and invite them to mingle and immerse themselves into the experiences these three monikers have to offer together.

Reciprocity, Transparency, Trust

Partners of the World Jazz Network collaborate based on a mutual relationship in the spirit of transparency and reciprocity. Every year, each partner presents an extraordinary talent from their respective home country at the International Jazz Laureates Festival, embedded in Amersfoort World Jazz Festival. While JazzNL facilitates these visits for both our partners and their “endorsed exceptional talents” of choice, a partnership is not without obligation: we expect and encourage partners to welcome at least one Laureate back to their own home countries per year, aiming to facilitate the ultimate world jazz exchange. This way, we all contribute to mobility for exceptional talents across the globe, through a network based on trust, shared goals and reciprocity. So effectively, for WJN Partners, a visit to Amersfoort is threefold: they get to enjoy Amersfoort Jazz Festival, meet friends old and new at the World Jazz Conference, and present and discover the latest global talent at the International Jazz Laureates Festival, all over the course of just four days.

Expand your network with us

Of course, the World Jazz Network offers a framework for international talent to develop and showcase itself in an international environment – on fair terms. However, World Jazz Network also aims to increase the geographical scope for delegates. Musicians and professionals are encouraged to expand their networks and craft new, meaningful relationships that can lead to exciting projects in the future. WJN aims for the future, and as our survey results have shown: our approach works. Please join us in our cause! 

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