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Dingo’s Editor and highly regarded artist, Adam Simmons, has been an active member of the World Jazz Network since 2016. The magazine is actively supporting Australian jazz through a high quality bi-annual magazine, video productions and concert presentations.

Dingo’s vision is to support and promote the activities of the Australian jazz community at all levels, from our renowned artists in international concert halls, to those starting out in their first jam-sessions, and everyone in between. Dingo’s aim is to create a platform that allows the whole-of-ecosystem to be able to connect and share information.

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Ask any French jazz lover what happens in the first 2 weeks of July and the answer will likely be: Jazz a Vienne! Since its creation in 1981, the festival has celebrated jazz in all its forms, shapes and sizes, featuring exciting new names as well as some of the most established artists on the global scene.

Welcoming 200,000 jazz lovers and 1,000 artists annually, it’s safe to say that Jazz a Vienne is an institution. Renowned French newspaper Le Monde lauded the festival for its ‘abundant and brilliant programming’ and, frankly, it’s impossible to disagree. It is with pride that we welcome such an iconic festival among our WJN peers.




To the average jazz lover, the legendary Ronnie Scott’s Club in London, UK requires no further introduction. Established in 1959, this club has presented not only some of the world’s legends such as Zoot Sims, Stan Getz, Wes Montgomery and Ben Webster but also today’s icons such as Wynton Marsalis and Kenny Garrett. 




Putting the World in World Music, that’s what BabelSound does. Over the course of more than ten years, the organization has presented hundreds of concerts featuring artists from all over the world and invited them to represent their countries, continuously challenging norms and expanding the cultural horizons of their audiences. 

Lauded as a ‘big family gathering’ rather than a traditional festival, BabelSound encourages its performers to truly experience their events. Their stay takes days, sometimes throughout an entire festival, sometimes in the form of a residency, sometimes voluntary before and/or after their performance. That means that no musician comes into Hungary for a show and hits the road right after; instead, they meet their peers, build cultural and personal bridges and lasting relationships, and then continue their journeys until we meet again.




Nurturing and promoting the rich cultural heritage of India, Banyan Tree Events presents the finest of the Indian world/jazz scene each year at a wide range of events including Brahmaputra Raga Jazz and World Jazz Festival in Bandra, India. 

Directors Mahesh Babu and Nandini Mahesh are both musicians as well, providing them with a unique understanding of musicians’ needs, wants and opportunities. They work together with artists to not only provide them and their audiences with the best possible musical experience but also to embrace their creativity in all its capacities.




The Italian Island of Sicily is filled with history, full of splendid monuments, palaces, and courtyards. The perfect location for a jazz festival. The Sicilian Jazz Festival, organized by the Brass Group Foundation, hosted its first successful edition in 2020 and has since emerged as one of the bigger innovative jazz festivals in Europe. 

Artists such as Christian McBride, Snarky Puppy and Dianne Reeves performed in Sicily. The renowned Sicily Jazz Orchestra is one of the pillars of the festival, collaborating with international artists making Sicilia a unique jazz experience. 




Szczecin Jazz is an international festival and a year-long music project promoting jazz music. It was established in 2016 on the initiative of Sylwester Ostrowski, jazz saxophonist and artistic director of the festival, and the Szczecin Artistic Agency, its producer. The festival is guided by the idea of Jazz comes to you! going out with jazz to a wide audience by creating varied forms of communication. Easy access to events, affordable ticket prices and a diverse offer are important assumptions of Szczecin Jazz. The concerts of world-class stars are accompanied by educational and publishing activities, musical performances in unusual places and unconventional promotional activities.


South Africa


IKS stands for Indiginous Knowledge Systems. WJN partner IKS believes, like ourselves, in international collaboration to promote solidarity. Engaging in numerous projects to promote (South) African music, their efforts range from bookings and management for musicians across the diaspora to crafting (inter)national partnerships to support artist mobility.




Amersfoort World Jazz Festival is not just a gig, but an experience that adds value to a musician’s career long-term as well. Performers are encouraged to mingle during their stay in Amersfoort, to meet colleagues, enjoy the scenery, the city and other performances, and to network with journalists and other professionals and delegates.

Pushing your boundaries means more than just a wide geographical scope; we seek to expand the limits of the jazz genre and embrace innovative, new jazz, world music and improv as well as genres such as hiphop, rap, R&B and dance, as long as they flirt with the jazz tradition as much as we do.




The Hua Hin Jazz Festival is an entity of its own among the current Thailand based jazz festivals. In the Kingdom of Thailand’s Jazz scene, the Hua Hin Jazz Festival is probably the most established festival, attracting more than 15,000 locals and travelers to the city each year.

Its first edition was organized by Dirk de Cuyper, the General Manager of the Hilton Hua Hin Resort and Spa in 2000, who took the lead with other hoteliers to organize the Jazz Festival on the beach of Hua Hin with the aim to attract more travelers to Hua Hin. Since then, it has grown into an internationally renowned event, showcasing the finest in Thai and international jazz. Since 2017, renowned saxophonist and organizer Mr. Koh Saxman is the festival’s artistic director.




I am happy because I have everything: I have my music that I enjoy every day, my family that supports me, my colleagues I perform with, and my friends who are always there. You can also have everything when you live in Peace with yourself and others.

This year we named the 22nd Nida Jazz Marathon the Peace Festival. I believe that in Peace there will never be a desire to harm one another.
Therefore, I invite you to the Peace Festival, which will take place in Nida this year, on Urbas Hill. Let’s listen to music that doesn’t separate but connects us all; builds, not destroys, unites and ignites.

See You!

International jazz festival “Nida Jazz Maratonas“
Producer LeoNidas Šinkarenka




The Canary Islands International Jazz Festival is held in a range of venues such as town squares and theatres throughout the islands of Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote.

The programme includes performances from musicians who range from promising newcomers to leading national and international figures. The event also includes seminars, master classes and jam sessions.