Sena Performers International Laureate Festival 2023

In 2023, the 5th edition of the Laureates event took place, for which ‘endorsed exceptional talents’ were selected from all parts of the world: Poland, South Africa, India, Australia, France, Italy, Lithuania, Thailand, Luxembourg, Spain, and The Netherlands. The Laureates Festival gives these young artists the opportunity to present their talent during full- length concerts, not only to a broad audience, but also to the attending international festival organizers and international press.

Meet the Endorsed Talents

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Woodcraft (NL)

Winner Dutch Jazz Competition 2022

Meet WOODCRAFT, a string quintet of five young instrumentalists and composers. With roots in classical music, they have taken a different path since 2016. Through a color blind look, WOODCRAFT changes the image of what should be and they look at new sounds and possibilities on their instruments.
WOODCRAFT consists of two violinists and three cellists. The band originated from a decade-old friendship, started at the music days Orvelte 2010. They started playing on the streets of Groningen and Amsterdam in 2016, where they developed in the field of improvisation (instant composing), performing and playing together. From there, WOODCRAFT’s music has already taken them to many beautiful places. For example, they performed at the Cello Biennale, the Fringe Festival Edinburgh, the Bimhuis and the Grachtenfestival.
The band’s style is a mishmash of inspirations that draw from the Jazz, Folk and Classical worlds. They bring these worlds into one whole and thus create their own sound.
Joshua Herwig – cello 
Ischa Kooistra – cello 
Wouter Torringa – violin 
Noah Hassler-Forest – violin 
Reinout de Vey-Mestdagh – cello 

Chi Quartet (NL)

Endorsed Talent of Amersfoort World Jazz Festival

The CHI Quartet touches your soul with tenderness through dreamy classical melodies and modern jazz grooves: free and pure like a child.

CHI Quartet is an international contemporary quartet based in Rotterdam. Formed by Macau/Hong Kong pianist and composer Tin-Chi Siu. Given her multicultural background, Chi’s compositions encapsulate her diverse musical influences: heart-melting Classical melodies colored by intricate jazz harmonies, Indian and European folk rhythm elements intertwined with skillful Jazz improvisation. 

In 2022 they released their first album “Unspoken” with Zennez records which features 9 original compositions and 9 unique personal stories behind them. 
Following the release, the album received widespread critical acclaim from international music magazines such as Jazzism (NL), Melodiva (DE), Nice Premium (FR) and In Love With Jazz (HK). 

Tin-Chi Siu – piano
Loek van der Berg – saxophone
Martin Hafizi – drums
Ildo Nandja – double bass
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Maxime Bender 'Universal Sky' (LU)
presents: Daniel Migliosi

Endorsed Talent of Echternach Trifolion

Mixing contemporary post-bop with elements of soul-jazz , Maxime Bender’s Universal Sky make unashamedly contemporary music that majors on melody and flow. Individual, but recalling Wayne Shorter, the leader’s tenor and soprano saxophone works over beds of guitar, organ and drums that stay harmonically open, mobile and always graceful. 

Maxime Bender’s composition are influenced by all kinds of musical genres throughout his life, from rock and pop to classical and jazz. Bender constantly seeks to evolve, be it as an instrumentalist or as a composer. For this concert, Bender invites young trumpet player Daniel Migliosi to join him on the stage as ‘endorsed talent’ of Echternach Triofolion.

Maxime Bender – saxophone
Manu Codjia – guitar
Jean-Yves Jung – organ
Jérôme Klein – drums
Daniel Migliosi – trumpet

Hua Hin (TH) presents: Pang

Endorsed Talent of Hua Tin Jazz Festival

Pacharee Sa-nguanprasert (Pang) was born in April 19, 1990. Pacharee started to learn saxophone when she was 14 years old. In 2008 she was accepted to the  College Of Music, Mahidol University. After graduated she worked as teacher and musician.

In 2014, Pang founded, together with her partner “Kwang”, the “12 Tone” channel on Youtube and Facebook. Here they worked together under the alias “SAXPACKGIRL” composing and performing original music. 

One of Pang’s big idols is the dutch saxophone legend Candy Dulfer, from which she took a lot of inspiration as a young musician. 

Pang – saxophone
Rofhiwa Ratombo – vocals
Thapelo Khumisi – piano
Gally Ngoveni – bass
Kgotso Vilakazi – drums

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Daria Biancardi Quartet (IT)
presents: Tommaso Lannino & Francesco Foresta

Endorsed Talent of Sicilia Jazz Festival

Daria Biancardi is a soul and blues virtuoso singer, born in Sicily who, for many years lived in the USA.  She started singing at the age of 18 becoming part of the gospel group ‘Palermo Spiritual Ensemble’.  In the year 2000 she decided to test her luck in the United States. Here she had the opportunity to perform at the Apollo Theatre, the legendary “Temple Of Black Music” in Harlem, NYC. With the American experience, she gained a strong artistic maturity that led her to write original songs and develop her incredible voice and charismatic performance style that made her one of the leading Soul and blues vocalists in Europe.

For this concert Daria invites the young talented Italian musicians Tommaso Lannino and Francesco Foresta to join her as the endorsed talents of Sicilia Jazz Festival. 

Daria Biancardi – vocals
Fabio Lannino – bass
Tommaso Lannino – keys
Francesco Foresta – drums

Ernesto Montenegro & La Local Jazz Band (ES)

Endorsed Talent of Canary Islands International Jazz Festival

The La Local Jazz Band is a group formed in 2008 by Miguel Ramírez & Miqui Delgado, with a view to promote & encourage this genre and also contribute to it, with their ample jazz repertoire acquired over the years. They both have been collaborating & sharing the stage for more than thirty years, in which they have set up various artistic projects & recordings jointly. For this concert the talented trumpeter Ernesto Montenegro will join their ranks.   
With Montenegro the band recorded their most recent album called ‘Sound Scapes’ for which Ramirez and Delgado wrote the music together. They were influenced by details and experiences of daily life, finding beauty even in the air we breathe, another beginning of what will continue to be this long journey.

Ernesto Montenegro – trumpet
Miguel Ramirez – saxophone
Migui Delgado – piano
José Carlos Cejudo – double bass
Suso Vega – drums
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Shinkarenko Jazz (LT) presents: Adrius Savçenko

Endorsed Talent of NIDA Jazz

Shinkarenko Jazz is a band formed around the renowned bassist Leonid Shinkarenko. Over the years he profiled himself as one of the leading figures of the Lithuanian jazz improv scene. He already won multiple jazz competitions and played on stages in- and outside of Lithuania. 

Shinkarenko can be called a real bass virtuoso. From grooving baselines to melodic solo’s and melodies, nothing is too much for him. His band consisting of saxophone, trumpet, drums and piano assist him in this perfectly. 
For this concert, pianist Adrius Savçenko, will be NIDA Jazz’s exceptional endorsed talent. Savçenko is part of a new generation of Lithuanian jazz talent. 
Leonid Shinkarenko – bass
Vytautas Labutis – saxophone
Linas Buda – drums
Valerijus Ramoshka – trumpet & flugelhorn
Andrius Savçenko – piano

Dorrey Lin Lyles & Sylwester Ostrowski (PL) present: Jakub Mizeracki & Adam Tadel

Endorsed Talent of Szczecin Jazz Festival

The Polish saxophonist Sylwester Ostrowski from Szczecin has been a sought after guest on the European Jazz stages. He worked together with Deborah Brown, Bobby Watson, Wynton Marsalis, Darius Brubeck, Miki Hayama and the top of the Polish Jazz scene. Ostrowski’s albums are proof of his great artistic insights and skills. Ranging from traditional jazz to classical, Polish traditional music, or a tribute to jazz legend David Brubeck, Ostrowski done it all. 
This time Owstrowski asked American gospel singer Dorrey Lin Lyles to join his band. Together with Szcezcin Jazz Festival’s endorsed talents Jakub Mizeracki (guitar) and Adam Tadel (double bass) it promises to be a swinging concert!
Dorrey Lin Lyles – vocals 
Sylwester Ostrowski – saxophone 
Jakub Mizeracki – guitar 
Michał Szkil – piano 
Adam Tadel – double bass 
Owem Hart Jr – drums
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Rofhiwa Ratombo & Thapelo Khumisi (SA)

Endorsed Talent of Joy of Jazz

Rofhiwa Ratombo and Thapelo Khumisi are two extraordinary South African jazz artists who are set to create a magical experience with their concert. Rofhiwa, a remarkable singer, possesses a voice that effortlessly weaves through melodies, captivating audiences with her soulful interpretations and impeccable vocal control. Rofhiwa’s passion for jazz ignited at a young age, inspired by the rich musical heritage of her country and jazz greats such as Sarah Vaughan, Diana Krall and Themba Mkhize. 
Thapelo Khumisic, on the other hand, is a masterful pianist, known for his virtuosic skills and innovative improvisations. Growing up Thapelo developed a deep appreciation for the genre’s expressive power and the piano’s versatility. His performances are characterized by dynamic melodies, intricate harmonies, and an infectious energy that resonates with audiences from all walks of life. 
Rofhiwa Ratombo – vocals
Thapelo Khumisi – piano
Gally Ngoveni – bass
Kgotso Vilakazi – drums

Black Pantone (FR)

Endorsed Talent of Jazz à Vienna

The musicians of the trio Black Pantone met during a jam session in Normandie back in 2018 and stuck together since then. They released their first album ‘ Ni d’Eve, Ni d’Adam ‘  the next year and  won several awards in different jazz competitions such as the European Golden Jazz Trophy. The variety of their influences and experiences creates a sound many describe as ‘cinematographic’  and is shaped by artists such as Avishai Cohen, Hiromi, Esbjörn Svensson Trio en Brad Mehldau but also classical composers such as Igor Tsjaikovski.

Their second album ‘Comme un gant’ was released in 2022 after their performance at the festival  Jazz sous les Pommiers 

Clemence Gaudin – double bass 
Martin Mabire – drums 
Antoine Bouchaud – piano 


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Flora Carbo (AU)

Endorsed Talent of Perth International Jazz Festival

Flora Carbo is a Australian based saxophonist who is quickly becoming one of the most exciting young artists in the Australian jazz scene. Flora’s practice explores the vocal quality of the alto saxophone and the improvisatory and compositional boundaries between genres.

Flora has performed extensively in Melbourne and around Australia and at festivals including Wangaratta Festival of Jazz, Melbourne International Jazz Festival and the Stonnington Jazz Festival. Completing a Bachelor of Music  at the University of Melbourne and the James Morrison Academy in 2019, she has worked with world renowned artists including pianists Barney McAll and Andrea Keller, as well composing and playing with ‘The Rest Is Silence’, ‘The Floor Is Well, Thanks’, ‘Flora Carbo Trio’, ‘Magnify’ and most recently ‘Ecosystem’ (performing a newly commissioned work at the 2022 Melbourne International Jazz Festival).

In 2018, Flora toured internationally with the ‘Company 2’ circus production ‘Scotch and Soda’, participated in the 2019 Banff Workshop for Jazz and Creative Music in Banff, Canada and was a part of the ongoing ‘Isolation Improvisation Collective’ restlessly creating throughout the pandemic.

Flora Carbo – saxophone
Jonas Nieuwenbroek – drums
Jurriaan de Kok – bass