Institutional Partners

Hugh Masekela Foundation – South Africa

The Hugh Masekela Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of South African musician Hugh Masekela. It promotes his values of cultural heritage, social justice, and the transformative power of music. The foundation focuses on music education, providing scholarships, mentorship, and support for young artists. It also works to preserve African cultural …

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JazzNL – The Netherlands

Established in 2005, JazzNL is a Dutch foundation that spearheads initiatives to uplift Dutch World Jazz and improvised music on the global stage. Serving as a catalyst for artistic collaboration, the foundation actively connects the Dutch jazz scene with international networks, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and influences. Beyond its role as a connector, …

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Buma Cultuur – The Netherlands

Buma Cultuur is a Dutch organization dedicated to supporting and promoting Dutch music internationally. It serves as a platform for Dutch music professionals, including composers, musicians, producers, and music publishers, to connect with the global music industry. Buma Cultuur organizes various events, showcases, and networking opportunities to facilitate the export of Dutch music abroad. These …

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Kultur LX Arts Council – Luxembourg

The Kultur LX Arts Council Luxembourg is a cultural organization in Luxembourg dedicated to supporting and promoting the arts within the country. As an arts council, Kultur LX likely provides various forms of support to artists, arts organizations, and cultural initiatives, including funding, grants, and resources. Their mission likely involves fostering artistic excellence, cultural diversity, …

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BiMpro – The Netherlands

The Beroepsvereniging Improviserende Musici (BiMpro) is a professional association based in the Netherlands that represents and supports improvising musicians. Founded to advocate for the interests and rights of improvisational musicians, BiMpro works to promote the recognition and appreciation of improvisation as a vital form of musical expression. The association offers resources, networking opportunities, and professional …

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Associazione Culturale Sicily – Italy

The Associazione Culturale Sicily (Cultural Association Sicily) is a non-profit organization based in Sicily, Italy, dedicated to promoting and preserving Sicilian culture, heritage, and traditions. Established to celebrate the rich history and artistic legacy of Sicily, the association engages in a variety of activities including cultural events, educational programs, exhibitions, and performances. It aims to …

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IKS Cultural Consulting – South Africa

IKS stands for Indiginous Knowledge Systems. WJN partner IKS believes, like ourselves, in international collaboration to promote solidarity. Engaging in numerous projects to promote (South) African music, their efforts range from bookings and management for musicians across the diaspora to crafting (inter)national partnerships to support artist mobility.   Website