Vilnius Jazz – Lithuania

Established in 1987, Vilnius Jazz stands as the longest-standing annual jazz festival in Vilnius. It holds a unique position in Lithuania, offering a diverse outlook on contemporary jazz trends worldwide. Throughout its existence, Vilnius Jazz has gained recognition as a bold avant-garde festival focused on innovation and pushing creative boundaries. It frequently ventures beyond traditional jazz confines, fostering collaborations with artists from academic, ethnic, rock, and industrial music backgrounds.

The International Vilnius Jazz Festival is celebrated for its imaginative and ambitious programming, showcasing renowned figures from the global jazz scene alongside top Lithuanian talent.

With an annual attendance of approximately 5000, Vilnius Jazz has significantly influenced multiple generations of jazz enthusiasts. Moreover, it has contributed to the growth of local musicians who have gone on to perform in European venues and international jazz ensembles. Vilnius Jazz remains committed to nurturing and advancing the tradition of improvised music in Lithuania.