Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents – France

“Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents” (Marseille Jazz of the Five Continents) is an annual jazz festival held in Marseille, France. This event is renowned for its diverse lineup of jazz musicians from around the world, representing all five continents. The festival typically takes place over several days and features performances in various venues across the city, including theaters, concert halls, and outdoor stages. Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents showcases a wide range of jazz styles and influences, including traditional jazz, contemporary jazz, fusion, world music, and more. The festival aims to celebrate cultural diversity and promote cross-cultural exchange through the universal language of jazz. Throughout its history, Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents has attracted both established jazz artists and emerging talents, offering audiences an opportunity to experience the richness and innovation of jazz music from across the globe. It has become an integral part of Marseille’s cultural calendar, drawing jazz enthusiasts from the local community and beyond to come together and enjoy world-class performances in a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.