Istanbul Jazz Festival – Turkey

Since 1994, the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) has been organizing the Istanbul Jazz Festival annually in July. İKSV selected jazz as the focal point of the festival due to its belief that jazz embodies innovation, inclusivity, and accessibility, making it one of the most progressive musical genres. In line with this vision, İKSV orchestrates a multifaceted event that not only unites music enthusiasts and performers but also nurtures the jazz community in Turkey and fosters the creation of new works.
The Istanbul Jazz Festival showcases a wide array of musical styles, including classical and contemporary jazz, Latin and Nordic jazz, as well as fusion genres combining jazz with electronic music and other musical categories like rock, pop, reggae, funk, and world music. This diverse lineup offers audiences fresh avenues for exploration and discovery. Moreover, the festival’s bold approach to venue selection extends beyond conventional concert halls to include Istanbul’s historic sites, streets, avenues, trams, and ferries, ensuring a diverse audience base and enriching the cultural experience.