Matti Austen

Matti Austen

Introducing Matti Austen

In the world of music, there are individuals who serve as the linchpins connecting artists, enthusiasts, and opportunities. Matti Austen, a programmer and connector, has left an indelible mark on the World Jazz Network and the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival. After an incredible journey spanning ten editions, Matti Austen has chosen to step away from his role, leaving behind a legacy of dedication, innovation, and love for music.

A Decade of Dedication

For over a decade, Matti Austen has been an integral part of the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival, contributing as a co-programmer and intermediairy. His commitment to the festival has been nothing short of remarkable. Each year, he poured his heart and soul into curating a diverse and captivating lineup that celebrated the essence of jazz from around the world.

A Passion for Music

Matti’s passion for music is unmistakable. He is a firm believer that the musician and the music itself should always take center stage. This philosophy has been the driving force behind his programming decisions. With a keen ear for talent and an innate understanding of the nuances of musical expression, Matti consistently sought out emerging artists and provided them with opportunities to showcase their craft on a larger stage.

Championing Emerging Talents

One of Matti Austen’s standout qualities is his commitment to nurturing young talent. He firmly believes in the power of mentorship and growth within the music industry. Throughout his tenure, he actively sought out young musicians, offering them a platform to share their unique voices with the world. His dedication to fostering the next generation of jazz artists has left an indelible impact on the festival’s legacy.

Pushing Boundaries and Challenging Artists

Matti’s role extended beyond curating lineups. He was a true visionary who constantly challenged artists to explore their creative boundaries. By encouraging musicians to experiment and push their artistic limits, he helped create an environment of innovation and evolution within the jazz community. This spirit of experimentation became a defining characteristic of the festival, attracting both artists and audiences hungry for fresh and boundary-pushing performances.

The World Jazz Network: Connecting Hearts and Sounds

At the heart of Matti Austen’s influence was the World Jazz Network. As its driving force, he played a pivotal role in connecting musicians and enthusiasts from around the globe. The network served as a hub for collaboration, idea exchange, and artistic exploration. Matti’s modern vision and deep appreciation for musical talent turned the World Jazz Network into a virtual paradise for musicians and enthusiasts alike.

A Bittersweet Farewell

Matti Austen’s decision to step away from his role leaves a void that will be difficult to fill. His departure is not just a loss for the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival but for the entire jazz community. His unwavering commitment, innovative thinking, and passion for music have shaped the festival into what it is today—a celebration of diversity, creativity, and musical excellence.

Matti Austen’s journey as a programmer and connector for the World Jazz Network and the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival has been nothing short of extraordinary. His dedication to musicians, his commitment to fostering emerging talent, and his visionary approach to programming have left an indelible mark on the festival’s legacy. As he embarks on a new chapter, the world of jazz will forever remain indebted to his contributions, and his departure leaves behind a bittersweet reminder of the profound impact one individual can have on a musical community.