It’s been a long time coming, and after two long years of covid regulations, travel restrictions, and very creative scheming to keep our family together online, we cannot wait to finally welcome our partners to Amersfoort once again.

Traditionally held during the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival headliner weekend – mark your calendars for August 11-14 this year – we’re delighted to host an offline version of the World Jazz Conference on August 12, 2022.

As Western Europe sighs out in relief for what is hopefully the end of the covid pandemic, we understand that it’s far from over elsewhere and that our brothers and sisters further East have much bigger issues to tend to. While World Jazz Network is not a political organization, we invite you to read more about this year’s Ukrainian participation here.

For those of us unable to travel to Amersfoort, we are preparing an online series for Saturday, August 13.
Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay tuned.