The Babel Sound Concerts in Hungary September 2022, host to an extraordinary jazz tour featuring a stellar lineup of musicians, including the Lucas Santana Band, Sun Mi Hong, and Sven Rozier/Ellister van der Molen. The event showcased the remarkable talent and diversity within the contemporary jazz scene.

Lucas Santana Band kicked off the evening with a breathtaking performance that left the audience in awe. Santana’s virtuosity on the saxophone, combined with the band’s impeccable chemistry, created an electrifying atmosphere. Their fusion of jazz, Latin rhythms, and elements of world music took the audience on a sonic journey, captivating everyone with their infectious energy and passionate improvisations.

Next up was Sun Mi Hong, a true powerhouse on the drums. Her ensemble delivered an exhilarating set that pushed the boundaries of rhythm and groove. The interplay between the musicians was nothing short of remarkable, displaying an intuitive connection that allowed them to effortlessly navigate intricate compositions while leaving room for individual expression. Sun Mi Hong’s commanding presence behind the drum kit was a sight to behold, leaving no doubt as to why she is considered one of the rising stars in the jazz world.

The final act featured Sven Rozier/Ellister van der Molen Quintet, a collaboration that proved to be a match made in musical heaven. Their performance was a masterclass in collective improvisation and artistry. Rozier’s soulful and melodic drum playing beautifully complemented Van der Molen’s enchanting trumpet and flugelhorn melodies. The ensemble’s seamless interweaving of intricate harmonies and tight rhythms created a rich tapestry of sound that enchanted the audience from start to finish.

The Babel Sound Concerts provided an ideal setting for this jazz extravaganza. The intimate venue allowed for an up-close and personal experience, with the audience fully immersed in the music. The attentive and enthusiastic crowd further enhanced the vibrant energy flowing between the stage and the listeners.

Overall, the tour featuring Lucas Santana Band, Sun Mi Hong, and Sven Rozier/Ellister van der Molen at the Babel Sound Concerts in Hungary was an exceptional musical event. Each artist brought their unique style and artistic vision to the stage, resulting in a captivating and unforgettable experience for all jazz enthusiasts fortunate enough to be in attendance.