Introducing Perth International Jazz Festival

We are delighted to announce Perth International Jazz Festival (PIJF) as our latest addition to the World Jazz Network, a vibrant collaboration between international Jazz Festivals fostering the exchange and mobility of jazz talent. This year, PIJF made its inaugural appearance in the International Laureate Festival by endorsing the exceptional Australian saxophonist, Flora Carbo.

About Perth International Jazz Festival (PIJF)

Established in 2012, PIJF was the brainchild of the late Associate Professor Graham Wood. In its very first year, the festival achieved remarkable recognition, ranking 4th in Time Out’s ‘Top 7 Australian Jazz Festivals’ (August 2013) and earning a spot in The West Australian’s Arts ‘Best in the West’ (2013).

PIJF’s primary mission is to promote jazz music to a broad audience, both locally and internationally. It aspires to bring the transcendent beauty of jazz to Western Australia by showcasing the talents of musicians from across Australia and around the world. The festival takes pride in presenting creative programs in an accessible and vibrant manner. The long-term vision is to become nationally and internationally acclaimed as one of the world’s iconic jazz festivals, drawing renowned jazz performers from every corner of the globe.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

PIJF, is dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint and promoting sustainability. This year, they will continue their sustainability initiatives, such as printing the program on 90% recycled paper, reducing waste and conserving resources.

To encourage responsible water consumption, the organisation will provide water stations where you can refill your own water bottle for free. As part of their efforts to minimize single-use plastics, PIJF offers biodegradable cups in the State Theatre Centre Courtyard. In their indoor venues,  the use of glass or reusable plastic cups is prioritised, contributing to a more sustainable festival experience.

Stay tuned as they’ll unveil the festival program in the coming weeks:PIJ2307005 2023 PIJF Poster A4 a safe, enjoyable, and community-focused weekend filled with exceptional jazz performances that cater to everyone’s musical tastes. Join us in celebrating the wonderful world of jazz at the Perth International Jazz Festival!