Introducing IKS Cultural Consulting

Andre le Roux founded IKS Cultural Consulting in 2004 after his departure at the National Arts Council of South Africa. He then worked on arts and heritage projects for the City of Johannesburg and the Transnet Foundation. This involved reawakening heritage through the arts, a fresh look at the cultural calabash in Taung, in collaboration with the Mmabana Arts Culture & Sports Foundation to produce a festival.

The value created for the Transnet Foundation was from a Corporate Social Investment point of view. The Rorkesdrift heritage training project revived the Rorkesdrift Center with Create SA and Fugitives Drift Lodge, part of the Anglo Boer War by Isandlwana, Mzinyathi river. Most of the tour guides were caucasian so Andre le Roux trained them from an Afro-centric point of view from 2004 till 2006.

IKS Cultural Consulting assisted in building the South African Music Expo and registered it.

IKS stands for Indigenous Knowledge Systems. We are passionate about indigenous cultural development that is internationally collaborative to promote solidarity.