The International Laureate Festival

What is the ILF? 

The International Laureate Festival is perhaps the most musical part of World Jazz Network. Integrated into the annual Amersfoort World Jazz Festival program, WJN partners present a Laureate to an audience of peers; not just WJN members, but World Jazz Conference delegates, journalists, musicians, and music lovers from all over the world, too. 

These Laureates are assured a full hospitality program and, not unimportantly, a fair fee for their performance(s). More on that here. 

How to present a Laureate

Presenting an international talent increases artist mobility through reciprocity. That means that every delegate who decides to present one or more Laureates has the obligation to present another partner’s Laureate at their club, festival, or special event in the following year, under the same conditions. 

So, what constitutes a Laureate? A special talent presented at the International Laureates Festival is; 

  • The winner or finalist of a music competition or other excellence award in their respective home country,

  • A band leader with international potential

  • Under 35 years old at the time of booking.