What we do

Knowledge Exchange

Jazz thrives on cross-pollination and cultural exchange. The WJN facilitates the exchange of knowledge, innovative approaches, and best practices among jazz professionals from around the world.

Strengthening the Jazz Community:

Strengthening the Jazz Community:    – By bringing together professionals, musicians, and festivals, the WJN contributes to strengthening the global jazz community. This not only benefits individual players but also enhances the genre as a whole. Would you like to know more? Or join the World Jazz Network? Sign up on our website worldjazznetwork.com.

Open Network

Open Network:    – An open character is crucial to ensuring inclusivity and providing opportunities for a wide range of jazz musicians and professionals. An open network promotes diversity, fosters cross-cultural collaboration, and contributes to a richer and more dynamic jazz community. Would you like to know more? Or join the World Jazz Network? Sign …

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Ambitions/Goals of the World Jazz Network

Ambitions/Goals of the World Jazz Network: International Collaborations:    – Promoting collaborations between jazz musicians and festivals worldwide to stimulate joint projects and exchanges.

Due to the globalization of the music industry, there is a growing need for international collaboration and exchange within the jazz community. The WJN addresses this need by providing a structured platform for global connectivity. Examples include collaborations between WJN partners Nida Jazz/Canarias Jazz and Szczecin Jazz and Sicilia Jazz, as well as Banyan Tree …

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