Conference 2023

World Jazz Conference 2023
The World Jazz Conference, held from August 17th to 20th in Amersfoort, ran in parallel with the Amersfoort World Jazz Festival and brought together over 50 national and international professionals from the jazz industry. The event provided a platform for discussions, new initiatives, and potential collaborations within the international jazz field with a physical conference on Friday and digital interviews on Saturday.

Creating Opportunities:

Creating Opportunities:    – The network enables jazz musicians to engage in international collaborations and perform on global stages, creating new opportunities for both emerging and established talent.

Due to the globalization of the music industry, there is a growing need for international collaboration and exchange within the jazz community. The WJN addresses this need by providing a structured platform for global connectivity. Examples include collaborations between WJN partners Nida Jazz/Canarias Jazz and Szczecin Jazz and Sicilia Jazz, as well as Banyan Tree …

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World Jazz Conference 2023

On the 18th of August, Amersfoort, a city in the Netherlands, reverberated with the entrancing rhythms of jazz and intellectual discourse as it played host to the World Jazz Conference during the prestigious Amersfoort World Jazz Festival. This annual gathering, a celebration of jazz’s global essence, brought together luminaries, professionals, and aficionados from around the …

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